Thursday, April 7, 2011

The advice of others….. when asked for or not!

Growing up in a large ethnic family we were always given the opinions of those around us. Be it solicited or not, I got it! As I grew up, it seemed to happen more often, this time from EVERYONE! Friends, family, co-workers, the guy at 7-11 who I see everyday - advice was free flowing like a hose. However, I noticed something as I got older, mom was not always wrong. My sisters two cents was sometimes pretty valuable…. You get the point, right? 

I have gotten to the point where I seek the opinion of others numerous times throughout the course of the day for many different things. The internet is an amazing thing, but those around you are an amazing resource on just about anything. Utilize them! I often get asked by people starting a business for advice. It is an easy question, the best advice is ask for advice. When you meet someone and they have an opinion to offer, stop and listen to it. People around you have experienced things you have no idea they did. Use the things they have learned along their journey to help you steer yours.

This doesn't mean that everyone is right all the time. Although I am sure you know a few people who will beg to differ. But listen closely to what people have to say. While it a lot of the time it may not have anything directly to do with the situation at hand, you can be pleasantly surprised at the value of the knowledge they have to offer! Remember, just because you didn’t do what someone suggested, or took the advice directly, you will always learn something from it!

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